Kale Chips, Take Two

‘Chipped’ the rest of the kale. This time I used a little regular olive oil, some sesame oil, and soy sauce instead of salt. Had to make a couple adjustments, the normal cooking time (20 minutes @ 300 F) wasn’t right this time, either because the soy sauce added too much moisture, or having two pans in the oven changed things. I increased the time by five minutes for the second batch (which also got a touch of sambal oelek) and they came out perfect. And sticking the soggy ones back in for another 15 minutes rescued those as well. I think I may have some soy sauce powder that I bought for making backpacking food, I may use that next time I go the sesame oil route. Finally got motivated to ‘fix’ my second stoneware jelly roll pan to fit in my oven. I have a bad habit of buying pans that don’t fit in my oven (and trust me, you don’t want the revelation to come after a new pan has already been used to stack a lasagna). I’d been trying to decide if I wanted to go with cast iron or stoneware jelly roll pans (I’m trying to eliminate non-stick cookware). Found a good deal on some stoneware so bought two of them. And they didn’t fit. They were close though, so I grabbed some sandpaper that I have for glasswork, and went to town on one of them. Just took off enough on the handles to get it in. It rides on the rails for the racks. I’ve been using it more than I ever used the pans it replaced. But only having the one was cramping my style so today, since I was doing two bunches of kale and didn’t want to spend all day on it, I finally sanded down the second one. Life is good.

Signed up for the Winter CSA at Wood Duck Farm. Pretty happy that kale is on the list of expected harvest items for that one too (I’m hooked). Starts the end of January. Going with the same plan, alternate weeks, full share. Now I can just turn my garden over to asparagus (have a perfectly painless permanent planting), peppers, tomatoes, onions, and herbs. Let the farm handle the variety items, I was never all that successful with them anyway. Life is very good.


2 thoughts on “Kale Chips, Take Two

  1. I’m seeing an endless variety of seasoning options. And they remind me of the Korean roasted seaweed snacks I’m so addicted to. Might be able to break their hold with a steady influx of kale.

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