Snow Peas and Onions and Kale, Oh My!


And we’re off, the first box of the Winter share season is here. You can see how beautiful the lettuce is, the heads are huge. Also in the box this week are scallions, Brussels sprouts (yum), beets, snow peas, broccoli, salad greens, micro greens, kale (hurray, kale chips for the Super Bowl), strawberries, and a bunch of cilantro. Had to chuckle when I saw the cilantro. When we went to visit the farm a few weeks ago it was growing all over the place. Became a running joke, and what’s over here? Oh, look. Cilantro.

First up will be the salad greens with some snow peas. Have a couple salmon burgers that are headed for the grill tonight. They will be great together.


Farm Tour

Today we got to go visit the farm where our CSA shares are grown. It is awesome. Van drove a wagon around for people who did want to walk and we got to see the whole operation.

This is a field of greens.

Strawberry plants in the greenhouse.

Micro greens just starting to sprout.

The greenhouses.

One of the ponds where the wood ducks come to breed (which gave the farm its name).

The other pond.

A planting of arugula (I love arugula).

And the pigs. Van said they were a heritage breed.
Was very fun and educational. Very cool. Always good to see where your food comes from.

Holidays Are Totally Crazy

This poor final box. I actually tossed the kale (I’m heartbroken, hopefully it will still be in season when the Winter share starts). The beets are roasted but not yet ‘pickled’ (but it needs to happen soon or they’ll go the way of the kale). The fingerlings and sweet potatoes got used for our Brazilian New Year’s Eve (see, if you pretend you are in Brazil you can ring in the New Year at 8PM). Just roasted them off with some ground cumin, Himalayan salt, and olive oil (cumin is becoming my new favorite thing). With a grilled tenderloin of beef, some chimichurri, and some sauteed red chard, it was a perfect meal. Cauliflower got roasted. Broccoli got roasted. Guess I like to roast. I blame my awesome stoneware jelly roll pans for that (so glad I found them on sale). They beat the heck out of those old metal pans for roasting vegetables. Salads with tomatoes and radishes, still have some of each left. No new box until the end of the month when the Winter share starts. Shout out to my sister, nephew, and niece-in-law who are going to share a share for the Winter share season.