Back in business

Picked up my box today, slightly more challenging because the CSA host was a victim of a burglary a couple weeks ago, so she had added some security measures that I wasn’t aware of because I had been out of the CSA share for so long. A quick call to Van at Wood Duck Farm got me all straightened out. So I got my box, and a lovely box it is. Today’s bounty included zucchini squash, yellow crookneck squash (lots), cucumbers, onions, sweet corn, new potatoes, bell peppers, green beans, and tomatoes.





Just signed up for the last delivery for the Spring share program at Wood Duck Farm and alternate weeks on the Summer share.You can now choose exactly which weeks you want your alternate week deliveries on, which is great for working around vacations. So glad to be back. They are delivering my new refrigerator today (long story, suffice it to say I’m just a slacker). Can’t wait for Thursday! Life is good.