This week’sbox

The box had lots of red bell peppers, big fat jalapeƱos (good, I need to make some chipotles, weather permitting they can spend Saturday in the smoker), super ripe tomatoes, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, and onions. I think I’ll add the tomatoes into the batch of fermented salsa I already have. I was a little light on tomatoes the day made it and although it is wonderful, a few more tomatoes won’t hurt it.


One more


Just used the tomatoes and a couple of the onions in a batch of lacto-fermented salsa. This is the first ferment I’ve used any kind of starter on (in this case whey). The recipe is Wellness Mama’s, I used ground chipotle instead of chilies though. Also didn’t have a lime, so I used the juice of an extra large Meyer lemon from my lemon tree. It’s really yummy already, can’t wait until it ferments a bit.

Catching up

The box contents for last Thursday were one small eggplant, green beans, banana peppers, white sweet corn (very sweet), onions, tomatoes, new potatoes, and cucumbers. I used the corn, onions, and new potatoes to make a corn chowder with natural Polish sausage and turkey bacon. Also added a couple roasted poblanos, bay leaf, thyme, and some celery. Turns out the perfect thing to use to cut the corn off the cob was my mandolin. Worked extremely well. A lot of the vegetables have been going into vegetable ferments. I had the thought that the Italian condiment called giardiniera was probably originally a ferment. So I thought I’d see if fermenting gave it that tang that I was used to getting from a little vinegar. Chopped the banana peppers and a couple serannos. Added sliced garlic and fresh rosemary. Put it all in a quart jar with a brine made at the ratio of 2 tablespoons Himalayan salt to a quart of water. Added an airlock and let it go. I moved it to the refrigerator at about two weeks. I’m probably going to drain it and refill the jar with olive oil, that shouldn’t affect the preservation. I did a similar concoctions with the eggplant from a couple weeks ago. Salted the eggplant first for a couple hours. Rinsed, packed with garlic, oregano, and crushed red pepper. Same brine. Instead of following the conventional wisdom and refrigerating after two days, I just tasted and as long as I liked what was going on I let it go in order to allow it to create as many probiotics as it could. Today I started some green beans, adding a bruised fresh bay leaf, garlic, crushed red pepper and dill. Have some cucumber slices going too with the same mix, plus a few fresh grape leaves to help them stay crisp. Planning to fry this week’s eggplant to have as a side for some Greek turkey burgers. Saved a couple ears of corn back from the chowder to wrap with bacon and grill.