Spaghetti Squash

I thought I’d tried every way of cooking spaghetti squash, but no, I found a new one. Slow cooker (with a cup of water). Who knew? I think we might have over done it a tad. Since I forgot to start it before I went to work, I called home around noon to get it going then. The instructions said 8-10 hours on low so we figured 4 hours on high would be comparable. And maybe it was, if so then 8-10 hours is probably too long. Let’s say it was more polenta than spaghetti. But still delicious. Mixed in some Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper. Topped it with Italian sausage sautéed with kale and spinach. Yum. All that is left are the carrots. Since there are only three of them we will see if they get a few buddies in the next box. Along with (hopefully) a chicken. Or, maybe I continue to hang onto them until I get enough to do these. Oh, and bonus from the squash, roasted squash seeds. Way better than pumpkin seeds.

I just saw a neat idea over at Food Renegade! She serves her meatballs and sauce in the spaghetti squash half. There’s a thought, eliminate a step! Hoping for another squash this week.


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