We will talk Pork chops later. Grilled them last night. They were pretty. I have pictures. But I’m very impressed with the breakfast sausage. So delicious. Made Scotch Eggs on the grill in my ebelskiver pan (Why does a grain-free person need an ebelskiver pan you ask? To make Scotch Eggs on the grill.) I cooked the eggs to medium in my handy dandy egg cooker, wrapped the raw sausage around each peeled egg, wiped the pan down with ghee (don’t overdo it, the grease tends to splash when you turn them (ask me how I know)), and got the cast iron screaming hot. Into each little dimple went one egg and they browned up beautifully. I still haven’t figured out how to keep the sausage from shrinking and exposing the egg but they are yummy even so. Hope they keep the breakfast sausage coming. 



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