I started this blog to chronicle the contents of my CSA boxes and what I wound up doing with them. At the time, I was a fairly recent (less than one year) convert to the Primal/Paleo lifestyle and I wanted a source of produce that provided seasonal variety and blogged about it so I wouldn’t waste any of it. Things are a bit different now. Nothing against Primal/Paleo. I do think that is an excellent choice for most folks. Unfortunately, I’m no longer most folks, after 13 years of thinking I was cancer free it turned out I actually wasn’t. So my personal focus now is less Primal/Paleo and more Very Low Carb/High Fat.  I’m committed to starving the cancer to the best of my ability. Since cancer cells can only run on glucose, ketones are all they are going to get from me (suck it cancer). Which is surprisingly easy when you start seeing everything starchy or sweet as a big ol’ hunk of cancer food. I was re-staged to stage IV in 2014 (because that’s when it made itself impossible to ignore) and it isn’t spreading so I think my plan might be working pretty well (you can use your diet to fight cancer and live longer, however you are doomed to live without extra weight (throw me in that briar patch)). I think possibly being Primal may have kept it from being a worse situation than it was in the first place. So, now you know.


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