Spaghetti Squash

I thought I’d tried every way of cooking spaghetti squash, but no, I found a new one. Slow cooker (with a cup of water). Who knew? I think we might have over done it a tad. Since I forgot to start it before I went to work, I called home around noon to get it going then. The instructions said 8-10 hours on low so we figured 4 hours on high would be comparable. And maybe it was, if so then 8-10 hours is probably too long. Let’s say it was more polenta than spaghetti. But still delicious. Mixed in some Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper. Topped it with Italian sausage sautéed with kale and spinach. Yum. All that is left are the carrots. Since there are only three of them we will see if they get a few buddies in the next box. Along with (hopefully) a chicken. Or, maybe I continue to hang onto them until I get enough to do these. Oh, and bonus from the squash, roasted squash seeds. Way better than pumpkin seeds.

I just saw a neat idea over at Food Renegade! She serves her meatballs and sauce in the spaghetti squash half. There’s a thought, eliminate a step! Hoping for another squash this week.


Game snack-Kale

Made kale chips from most of the kale. Saved a little back to flesh out the spinach in the spaghetti squash dish. Making good progress through the box, this share size seems pretty perfect.

Ready for the oven.

Ready for my tummy.


Kept it simple. The broccoli was so pretty and fresh. A drizzle of roasted garlic olive oil (grown and pressed right here on the Gulf coast), salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, and some Emeril’s Italian (simply the best Italian seasoning blend on the planet, if you can find it, try it). Into the oven at 375 deg. For about half an hour. Just long enough to get some brown crunchy bits going on. Now just need to throw a couple prime rib steaks on the grill.

Ready for the oven.

And after being crunchified!

One more


Just used the tomatoes and a couple of the onions in a batch of lacto-fermented salsa. This is the first ferment I’ve used any kind of starter on (in this case whey). The recipe is Wellness Mama’s, I used ground chipotle instead of chilies though. Also didn’t have a lime, so I used the juice of an extra large Meyer lemon from my lemon tree. It’s really yummy already, can’t wait until it ferments a bit.

Catching up

The box contents for last Thursday were one small eggplant, green beans, banana peppers, white sweet corn (very sweet), onions, tomatoes, new potatoes, and cucumbers. I used the corn, onions, and new potatoes to make a corn chowder with natural Polish sausage and turkey bacon. Also added a couple roasted poblanos, bay leaf, thyme, and some celery. Turns out the perfect thing to use to cut the corn off the cob was my mandolin. Worked extremely well. A lot of the vegetables have been going into vegetable ferments. I had the thought that the Italian condiment called giardiniera was probably originally a ferment. So I thought I’d see if fermenting gave it that tang that I was used to getting from a little vinegar. Chopped the banana peppers and a couple serannos. Added sliced garlic and fresh rosemary. Put it all in a quart jar with a brine made at the ratio of 2 tablespoons Himalayan salt to a quart of water. Added an airlock and let it go. I moved it to the refrigerator at about two weeks. I’m probably going to drain it and refill the jar with olive oil, that shouldn’t affect the preservation. I did a similar concoctions with the eggplant from a couple weeks ago. Salted the eggplant first for a couple hours. Rinsed, packed with garlic, oregano, and crushed red pepper. Same brine. Instead of following the conventional wisdom and refrigerating after two days, I just tasted and as long as I liked what was going on I let it go in order to allow it to create as many probiotics as it could. Today I started some green beans, adding a bruised fresh bay leaf, garlic, crushed red pepper and dill. Have some cucumber slices going too with the same mix, plus a few fresh grape leaves to help them stay crisp. Planning to fry this week’s eggplant to have as a side for some Greek turkey burgers. Saved a couple ears of corn back from the chowder to wrap with bacon and grill.



Back in business

Picked up my box today, slightly more challenging because the CSA host was a victim of a burglary a couple weeks ago, so she had added some security measures that I wasn’t aware of because I had been out of the CSA share for so long. A quick call to Van at Wood Duck Farm got me all straightened out. So I got my box, and a lovely box it is. Today’s bounty included zucchini squash, yellow crookneck squash (lots), cucumbers, onions, sweet corn, new potatoes, bell peppers, green beans, and tomatoes.