This week’s box

Some diversity this week. Got a butternut squash, lots of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green beans, three eggplant, a couple zucchini, and some banana peppers. I think I’ll ferment the cherry tomatoes since there are so many. The cucumbers too (if the banana peppers happen to be hot they are so going in with the pickles). Have a big fan of fried eggplant in the house, so that’s a no brainer. The zucchini are pretty big, so may be able to do a batch of Ciambotta with them. It’s been a while. Need eggplant for that, but there’s enough to still have some to fry. A good box.


This week’sbox

The box had lots of red bell peppers, big fat jalapeƱos (good, I need to make some chipotles, weather permitting they can spend Saturday in the smoker), super ripe tomatoes, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, and onions. I think I’ll add the tomatoes into the batch of fermented salsa I already have. I was a little light on tomatoes the day made it and although it is wonderful, a few more tomatoes won’t hurt it.

Catching up

The box contents for last Thursday were one small eggplant, green beans, banana peppers, white sweet corn (very sweet), onions, tomatoes, new potatoes, and cucumbers. I used the corn, onions, and new potatoes to make a corn chowder with natural Polish sausage and turkey bacon. Also added a couple roasted poblanos, bay leaf, thyme, and some celery. Turns out the perfect thing to use to cut the corn off the cob was my mandolin. Worked extremely well. A lot of the vegetables have been going into vegetable ferments. I had the thought that the Italian condiment called giardiniera was probably originally a ferment. So I thought I’d see if fermenting gave it that tang that I was used to getting from a little vinegar. Chopped the banana peppers and a couple serannos. Added sliced garlic and fresh rosemary. Put it all in a quart jar with a brine made at the ratio of 2 tablespoons Himalayan salt to a quart of water. Added an airlock and let it go. I moved it to the refrigerator at about two weeks. I’m probably going to drain it and refill the jar with olive oil, that shouldn’t affect the preservation. I did a similar concoctions with the eggplant from a couple weeks ago. Salted the eggplant first for a couple hours. Rinsed, packed with garlic, oregano, and crushed red pepper. Same brine. Instead of following the conventional wisdom and refrigerating after two days, I just tasted and as long as I liked what was going on I let it go in order to allow it to create as many probiotics as it could. Today I started some green beans, adding a bruised fresh bay leaf, garlic, crushed red pepper and dill. Have some cucumber slices going too with the same mix, plus a few fresh grape leaves to help them stay crisp. Planning to fry this week’s eggplant to have as a side for some Greek turkey burgers. Saved a couple ears of corn back from the chowder to wrap with bacon and grill.



Back in business

Picked up my box today, slightly more challenging because the CSA host was a victim of a burglary a couple weeks ago, so she had added some security measures that I wasn’t aware of because I had been out of the CSA share for so long. A quick call to Van at Wood Duck Farm got me all straightened out. So I got my box, and a lovely box it is. Today’s bounty included zucchini squash, yellow crookneck squash (lots), cucumbers, onions, sweet corn, new potatoes, bell peppers, green beans, and tomatoes.




Just signed up for the last delivery for the Spring share program at Wood Duck Farm and alternate weeks on the Summer share.You can now choose exactly which weeks you want your alternate week deliveries on, which is great for working around vacations. So glad to be back. They are delivering my new refrigerator today (long story, suffice it to say I’m just a slacker). Can’t wait for Thursday! Life is good.

Last Fall 2012 Box

The last box until the Winter Share season starts the end of January. This week’s bounty included more beets, another cauliflower, some sweet potatoes, a couple fingerlings, some radishes, broccoli, salad greens, tomatoes, and micro greens. The beets have some pretty impressive tops on them this time, very glossy and firm. I still have some kale, may combine them in a pot with some smoked sausage. Or Italian sausage. Or my Chipotle Cumin Turkey Sausage. I will finally pickle the beets this weekend. More on that later.